Glimpses of Khudurukuni Puja Celebration in Bhubaneswar

Khudurukuni Osha is celebrated by unmarried girls in Odisha during 4-5 Sundays of Bhadraba month. They worship Maa Mangala by the name of Maa Khudurukuni (Khuda+rankuni) which literally means craving for broken rice, for the betterment of their brothers. In some locations, Maa is also known as Maa Bhalukuni (baluka+rankuni) referring to the sand idols made & worshipped on the riverside or seashore. This is to celebrate the legend story of Tapoyee, the only sister of seven Sadhaba (maritime traders) brothers. Even though small clay idols are worshipped in individual houses or communities, the last Sunday is reserved for the mega Durga size idols. This time the Osha started on 2nd Sep  & ended on 23rd Sep 2018. The bhasani (immersion) was held mostly on 26th Sep 2018.

Still now, the old village streets inside Bhubaneswar periphery including Old Town, Nayapally, Baramunda, Badagada, Patia, Palasuni etc celebrates Khudurukuni in great pomp. Major sahis (street) are Gada Sahi, Jema saji, Upara sahi, Behgera sahi in Nayapally . In Baramunda village, the major sahis includes Sundhi Sahi, Dasa Sahi, Pradhan Sahi, Paikaray Sahi, Swain Sahi, Tala Sahi, Dhipa Sahi, Teli Sahi, Brahmana Sahi etc

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